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Risk Management

Implementing an effective Compliance Risk Management Framework is an essential part of good corporate governance. We provide end to end implementation that is aligned with ISO 37301:2021 standards for Compliance Management Systems. The methodology applied is suitable for all organisations no matter the size and nature of the business activities. We conduct a comprehensive review and identify your regulatory obligations, analyse and develop a compliance risk management program to effectively manage your risk.

Policies & Procedures

The Policies and Procedures of your organisation are an important guide to decision making for employees. They communicate your business’s risk appetite, the culture and standards of behaviour expected, and sets boundaries within which day to day operations are to be conducted. Policies and procedures must be dynamic and should be relevant and responsive to changes in the operating environment. We assist businesses to develop and maintain appropriate compliance policies and procedures that support adherence to regulations.

Business Development

Whether you are launching a start up, developing new products or expanding into new markets, good business practice requires a thorough analysis and understanding of applicable regulatory requirements, any restrictions, and ongoing compliance obligations that would apply to the initiative. We conduct thorough due diligence and risk assessment, identify any risks and recommend suitable solutions to any possible regulatory challenges. We work with you to ensure that you are fully compliant and prepared for, and in a position to focus on the key objective of doing business.

Process Optimisation

GRC process optimisation is key to enabling internal risk and compliance teams to deliver on their mandate to support the businesses effectively with risk management in the most efficient and cost effective way. We interrogate internal processes with the goal of eliminating inefficiency and streamlining ways of working to unlock and make the best use of available resources. Process optimisation ensures consistency and reliability in execution, maximises performance and productivity, manages costs, and enable to the GRC function to be agile and responsive to business needs. 

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